Dark Legends Demons

Multichain NFT Collection


Dark Legends Demons (LEGENDS) is a collection of AI generated works of art (Stable-diffusion text-to-image generation model) in the style of Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy.
Dark Legends Demons contract (verified) is deployed on Polygon, Dogechain, smartBCH, Cronos, BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum PoW.
The contract address - 0x7D96a78c04337914379ffB2094a48d8E809234eC - is the same on each chain (deterministic address).
Collection supply is 600 NFTs. Token Ids: 1-120 "Picasso", 121-240 "Klee", 241-360 "Dali", 361-480 "Basquiat" and 481-600 "Banksy".


Open Desert Multichain NFT Wallet and OTC Market
Oasis (Dogechain), Oasis (smartBCH)
OpenSea (Polygon)

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